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We possess all favorable production set ups with brilliant monitoring. Like our other casting services, we offer precise Gravity Die Casting. We offer our professional industrial gravity die casting(ग्रेविटी डाई कास्टिंग) for many engineering elements. It is used to manufacture valves, actuators, flanges, impellers, compressor parts, electrical fittings parts, junction boxes, housings and many other products.

Gravity Die Casting is the processes for fabricating metals and metal alloys, where the molten metal is poured from a vessel or ladle into the mould. This Castings is in copper base alloys, cast iron, aluminum alloys and others like zinc can be produced using this method. It is commonly used in power generation, automobiles and many general engineering applications. It is used to make simple to complex metal parts.

We are proficient Manufacturer and Supplier of Gravity Die Casting that is used to make simple shaped parts. It is made from steel and aluminum alloy. Well organized manufacturing unit help us to control material cost. Efficient production procedure also helps to cut down the production cost of gravity die casting.

In gravity die casting, reusable metallic moulds are used in spite of sand molds. We also offer Aluminum Gravity Die Casting and Zinc Gravity Die Casting. It can be used for casting of parts of entire machinery.

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