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Sand Casting Manufacturer

Sand casting also well-known as Sand Molded Casting. It is a Non Ferrous and Ferrous Metal Casting process defined by using sand as the mold material. Sand casting is cast-off to manufacture a wide variety of metal components with complex geometries.

We are please to gain the status of leading Sand Casting Manufacturer and Exporter of high quality casting solutions in Gujarat, India. We offer broad range of casting services with international standards. Our status is testimony of our precision of system. We have developed well planned system to fulfill huge requirement of our enormous customer base from varied industries. We have our customers from the industries like electrical, defense, oil, aviation, railway, steel, automotive, sugar, cement, mining, and power, marine and aerospace and other industries.

Sand Casting Manufacturer

Sand Casting differing with its name, offers wide variety of casting options with precision of dimensions and sizes. Mishka Metalcast manufacturer of Sand Casting and other product provide are Valvebody Casting, Ferrous Casting and Non Ferrous Casting with international standards. Our offering product is made as per British standards. It is produced confirming standards BIS, ASTM, JIS and DIN.

The rich experience of two and half decades has made us well prepared with latest techniques and tools for the sand casting. Our casting like Stainless Steel Casting, Centrifugal Casting, N.A.B (Nickel Aluminium Bronze) Casting, Gravity Die Casting and Pressure Die Casting is proven highly accurate in the market. Such long experience has made us able to offer matchless quality for our casting.

Casting : Safety, Standards, and Superior Services

Mishka Metalcast has earned a reputation of quality and attention to detail, originating from our rigid reported procedures and lean production techniques. This responsibility allows us to ensure consistent, repeatable and cost-effective products for our clients. Our foundry additionally offers a variety of value-added services including pattern design/production, heat treating, strengthening, machining, powder coating, and painting, anodizing and assembling for completely finished products.

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